Difficulty In Meditation?

Have you ever actually wondered why it may be difficult for you to meditate effectively at certain times of the day and not others? For years I worked on this and struggled to come up with an answer to this. I asked why my mind operated in this fashion and well I then found the solution to my problems.

According to my astrological charts ect I have a very active dream life so to speak. So active as a matter of fact that I live in two worlds, thus being the physical during the day and the spiritual in the evening. When I awake in the morning i tend to suffer from the equivalent of a tired mind at the end of the day syndrome but the difference being here is that it is caused by a nights dreaming.

My dream life is so busy that it spills over into my waking life, that part of the brain being the part that the dreams are still ticking over but none the less settling down as I awake. This has to be said that it is a factor than can affect your ability to meditate effectively, the brain needs time to relax after any work you do.

Peak Times

Sleep research has shown that there are two distinct types of people, those who jump out of bed, alert and eager to get on with their day, and other who like me, may at times have to be dragged out of bed, and stagger down the stairs in the foulest of moods and go about your morning rituals in a trance like state.

The deepest points of the sleep cycle, when it is most difficult to waken or disturb the person, is reached by the first type during the early hours of their nights sleep. It is easier for this type of person to wake up at the end of the nights sleep and they will be at their mental peak from waking until about lunchtime.

Therefore the best time for such a person to meditate would be within and hour of waking. If they may be contemplating a second session the late afternoon should be chosen.

The second type described who might be reluctant to get out of bed and may take a few hours to wake up fully reach their deepest point of their sleep cycle towards the end of their sleeping period. Their mental peak is from lunchtime until around early evening, so the best time for the first meditation should be about three hours after wakening, the second should be in the evening.

It must be obvious then, if you know what type of sleeper you are, you can determine the optimum time for you to meditate to the maximum focus and depth, but of course, no two people are exactly alike so there may be slight variations to the said categories although I do state that discovering your deepest sleep point will provide a good starting point.

A clue to get to this is to note when you pay most attention to other people and outside matters during the course of the day, is it early or late? soon after waking on several hours later?

Maximum Potential

Another factor that will affect your ability to meditate successfully will be the technique chosen and this will, naturally depend largely on individual taste, inclination and philosophy. However, once having made your choice, if this technique can be put into practice at the optimum time it will help open up new vistas of your psyche that were perhaps previously denied you access. You will gain deeper reverie and become more experienced in the spiritual realms of finer levels of reality.

Of course work and other commitments need to be taken into consideration when planning your meditation sessions. However if you are aware of the best times to do so it saves much wasted effort.



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