Meditation Explained

What Is Meditation

Lets take a look at mediation and what it actually is for a moment...For years it has been used as a way to learn to control the mind, overcome sickness, separate you from problems and fears and to enhance psychic abilities. Many are confused when it comes to mediation, I find and often ask myself which technique is best for me or am I doing it right nothing is happening.

So exactly what is mediation, well simply it is a listening, listening to your higher self or if you prefer your inner self, and when it is properly used it opens the door to individual growth and personal advancement and also enhances the skills you have, the power of the mind is very strong, now this is where you get attuned with that power and how to go about it. You can discipline your minds to control your life, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, even to overcome illness and solve problems that we have, basically to create your own reality. We do not have to live with the constant hassles of the day, if we only were aware of how to make those changes and that is what meditation can do for you.

 How It Works

 To understand how it works we must look at the human make up on a conscious level and we must also be aware that we are spiritual as well as physical beings. These physical and spiritual bodies of ours are without doubt connected, these are called the chakras .

In mediation the psychic energy can be built up through these centres in the chakras as this mighty force begins to flow within you, your psychic centres (the chakras ) begin to open up. On a conscious level consider that the total consciousness is a sort of sandwich. One side you have the conscious mind and this is the mind that is concerned with the every day world, your activities and your mental well being, basically this is your what I call waking state of consciousness.

On the other side however we have the higher consciousness or the super conscious and this is your true inner and higher self and it is concerned around your spiritual well being and retains all memory and this is where your mind power truly starts to flow to its full potential, it is the centre of the mind called the sub conscious, we all have it but not are all aware of how to actually reach it....

When we reach this part of our mind and the forces begin to flow through or body like a well of energy. Many get a sense of well being and immense peace and your mind immediately starts to clear itself of negative and undesired feelings and emotions and any images that may have been programmed into it through your lifetime, a new vibrancy primates your being.

Meditation allows you to learn how to control the restless and material orientated conscious mind and re-program the subconscious, in order that you function better than you ever have and suffer from no where near the stress or problems that you have done. As has been said before we must master this in order to relax fully to carry out the spells etc. you might be doing, as this is important and helps to get us in a relaxed state so that we can carry out the spells and other magical working in the best possible way. If we are not relaxed and the mind is busy with every day life chatter then we have no chance of making the spells work, it also helps you and others around you as an individual to better your state of life and well being..

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