Meditation Techniques

Notice that when you are well and alert you are in touch with your environment through your eyes and other physical senses and your focus is outwards to the physical world, but then notice when you are negative and worried or depressed then notice how you withdraw from the physical world and turn your eyes down and your focus then reflects on your subconscious thoughts and problems meaning those that have being maybe lying stagnating for a while and slowly they begin to surface and irritate you.

The trick is the next time you might feel depressed or moody lift your eyes, focus your attention upwards and outwards above the level of the everyday horizon and do what you do when you are feeling well. Be aware of what is around you and train your mind to stick with this state rather than sliding into depression, you will begin to feel better. It does take practice but if you say to yourself that something is true as I have said before and you truly believe it to be true, then you convince yourself a bit like an argument and you know that you are right, no other is right. well tell your mind that is the case with the way you should feel, we do it in our everyday lives in many other areas.


Mediation must be comfortable and secure therefore you should be comfortable and secure. You can sit any way you like as long as you keep your spine straight, even if you want to sit in a chair then that is fine but do keep your back straight, and make sure you can sit with your feet flat on the floor, some actually lie flat on their backs as I do on occasions with my hands by my side and my body perfectly straight, the only trick to master here is not to fall asleep.


The area you choose must be quiet and undisturbed for as long as you are going to be working for, free from distracting noises etc from outside as well, as this breaks your concentration very easily. When you sit tell yourself that this space that your are in is totally free of negative energy, wear something comfortable, preferably loose clothing, as long as you feel totally relaxed with yourself.

The best time to do this is early in the morning or late at night before you retire, although it can be done at any time to suit our busy lifestyles. I personally prefer to do it at my time of birth in the day, thus I have the slight advantage of tuning in with the stars and luckily it is late at night for me, clearly not all can do this, I only use this method when I am searching for answers to really difficult problems I need to overcome or when I am working on major health issues.


The trick is though, when you do get the chance to meditate, keep it up, dot do it once then forget about it as it should become part of your everyday routine, we take half an hour at times to make tea or wake up in the day so why not make use of that time you have, What's half an hour if that is all it takes..?

To succeed and remain successful in meditation you must do it constantly, the motto goes if a first you don't succeed..... I'm sure you know the rest and a true crafter does not give up anyway until the art is mastered.

I would say that one 15 minute period is enough as a minimum no less to be done or your wasting your time, and bear in mind if you can gain the relaxation that you need you might not be able to get the mediation right at that time, try later when your mind might be less active or more relaxed.



(or at least an example)

 Sit comfortably and relax your body as much as possible, the thing to do is to tense up each muscle and hold for 5 seconds then release it and relax doing so with every muscle in my body starting from my feet all the way up to my head even including my mouth, it always works. Allow your head to fall forwards onto your chest, breath deeply in and out three times and then slowly return to the upright position. Now allow your head to slowly tip backwards, breath deeply in and out three times, and then allow your head to slowly go back to upright again, do this also to the left and then to the right and then circle your head around slowly remembering to breath slowly. Then breath in and hold your stomach for a moment then breath out and feel your stomach release as you do so, do this 3 times.

Now you should at least be relaxed enough, keep breathing deeply and concentrate your thoughts until you can imagine your whole body encased in a globe of white light. You dream don't you?  You have fantasies?. That is where the imagination comes into play, use the same method, see that picture in your head the more your focus the more you will see it, again tell yourself that you can see it build that picture up in your mind as if you were actually looking right at it, close your eyes for this.

Now you need to feel the energy that comes from that light, a warmth that surrounds you as you breath in and out. Now focus your attention on your toes and command them to relax, let all the tension and tiredness go from you, and do so with all parts of your body as you feel protected in this globe of light and warmth that encases you.

In the centre of the head we have what we call the third eye, a main chakra, (I will explain more later about this), now if you can relax your eyes and let them roll up as if into your head but in your mind you are actually going to bring them as if you are actually looking at your third eye and you can see it in the centre of your head, let the outside world pass you by for a while, relax and let yourself flow inwards let your body flow, try not to be scared as you are in no danger of losing control in any way, but you have to stay relaxed. Whatever you see, lights or hear sounds, go with it and take a closer look, you may find it difficult to keep the conscious mind out of this as it can be like a spoiled brat at times demanding your attention. Once you get used to it you will notice a deepening of intuition and you will be more aware of things around you that you normally would not notice before as your senses also become more and more alert, you will also begin to know things that you had not known before and feel things about others around you that you normally wouldn't, this will be all you need to prove that it is working for you.

When you first start to meditate the mind does sadly begin to wander and act like a bad itch, it takes a few times but you will learn and tell yourself that you and you alone are the sole master of your mind and your body. You must remain persistent as well at the end of the day persistence does pay off in many areas of our everyday lives.

Keep in mind, it is you that lets your mind and emotions run your affairs of your life not anything else, just you and you alone can control it and you must teach the mind and your emotions that you will make them work the way you want them to. You will be embarking on the greatest journey of your life with this, the first time I experienced it it was incredible but like all it took was a few times to master it, now I can slip in and out of mediation at times without even realising it.

For your physical well being it is important that you also end each session with a sort of re awakening of your conscious mind, for example command your each and every muscle to wake up and feel refreshed, do this with every part of your body and after you will feel as sense of inner peace a lot better physically and you will also have learned to tap into forces that are powerful and that are your birthright, we all have them.

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